Thunderstick Review


Daddy bought a wand.

And not just any wand, but one that basically made me shake in anticipation, and then shake again with aftershocks after He used it on me.

The Thunderstick is a wand made by Master Series, that we purchased from Amazon for $39.99. It came highly rated and recommended because of its power and durability.

IMG_20180706_190530The Thunderstick arrived in sturdy packaging. It was surprisingly lightweight. This toy has some girth to it- my hands are kind of small, and my fingers can’t wrap all the way around it. Daddy had no problem. The head of the wand is flexible, but does not lock into any position. When Daddy plugged it in and turned it on, it was shockingly quiet, and powerful.

Cue the evil revenge…

In the past i have given Daddy some blow job challenges… He plays COD on his Xbox, with a microphone, while i suck him. The rules are that any time He dies, i stop, and any time His team loses, i stop. So its basically just lots of edging, with a mic, and a game that requires a lot of focus. He loves that game. But it puts me in control for those moments, and Daddy decided to pull the same on me. So suddenly i found myself perched in bed, a mic on my head, and the Thunderstick on my kitty. You guys, it was SO hard to play and… play! This toy took all my focus off the game, and after maybe 2 rounds, Daddy had to turn off the Xbox and focus on me. This toy vibrates so hard that my labia started to feel kind of itchy and tingly. My clit could feel the stimulation, but it wasn’t as pin pointed as some other toys can be, so it was an all over kind of sensation. i could feel the Thunderstick from my belly button to my thighs, that is how powerful it was. i ended up asking Daddy to turn it down, because i felt that i could feel more with it on a medium setting. Daddy had this thing on me for a solid hour before he allowed me to orgasm, and afterward i could feel my heartbeat in my kitty for like 20 minutes. The orgasm the Thunderstick gave me made me feel like i could squirt, but i didn’t that time. Overall, it was pretty intense, and very satisfying.

IMG_20180706_190458The next play time we had with the Thunderstick was during a forced orgasm scene. Daddy restrained me with the spreader bar, and bound my hands above my head. He blindfolded me, and used a combination of the crop, the flogger, and the whip on me, while the Thunderstick was secured to my kitty. The first orgasm took a little while- there was a lot of stimulation going on. But once i did cum, i swear to you i have never screamed like that in my life. Daddy said i was screaming, and crying a little. It was crazy. Then He flipped me over and did it again with me on my stomach. i think it was easier on my stomach because a subtle shift of my hips took some of the pressure and stimulation away, but when i had my orgasm in that position, Daddy pushed my butt down so that i was grinding into it, and the screaming ensued again. It was very powerful. i couldn’t handle more than the two orgasms from that session, as i have never used something so powerful before. After the prolonged use, my clit was enlarged significantly, and my labia was numb for a little while.

MVIMG_20180706_185958Pros of the Thunderstick:

-In comparison to similar toys, the price is very reasonable

-Very powerful yet very quiet

-Very powerful in comparison to battery operated wands- no real comparison

-Many different speeds, easy to use rolling switch

Cons of the Thunderstick-

-The wand gets a little warm with prolonged use, but the heat was in the handle, not the head

-Not really a con, but it is not battery operated, and therefore not as portable. The cord is only about 4 feet long, so we need to use an extension cord every time we use it.

Overall, the Thunderstick was a great purchase. Daddy and i highly recommend it!

Have you ever tried a wand? What kind did you use, and what were your thoughts? Share in the comments below!

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