Glittle= a sparkly little

i can’t claim to be the biggest fan of glitter, but i have developed an affinity for glitter glue. i recently bought a new coloring book for myself- it was a llama coloring book, how could i resist? The book came with markers and glitter glue, and i decided i wanted to know what the glitter glue looked like on my skin. So i proceeded to paint my thigh with glitter glue.

That’s the thing about being little. i get curious, my sense of wonder peeks out. i get silly.

In a world full of judgement, violence, and noise, suddenly my imagination is at the forefront.

i understand that to those who do not understand how it feels to be little, or those who do not understand BDSM or DDlg at all, this might all sound stupid and immature and maybe even weird. And you might label me freak, pervert, and God knows what else.

But being little isn’t about Daddy issues, or incest, or fetishes. Being little is about being innocent, and trusting, and sweet. It’s a glimmering spot of hope and peace in a life of madness.

It’s an escape from stress and worry. It’s a time of nurturing for my soul.

Being little feels like being free. i feel fun, giggly, mischievous. i feel small, needy, curious, and sensitive. It is my most vulnerable self. my little self fears rejection. my little self fears not being wanted or liked or loved. my little fears being too much, or annoying. my little feels a lot of things.

Being little is hard. It takes strength to open up that side of myself. It takes ownership to admit i have these feelings and to ask for what i want and need. Littles might be silly little goofballs, but littles are also strong, and fun and smart.

The D/s dynamic is not as straightforward when you are little. It is more complex. Rules are more fluid, punishments at times less harsh. Brattiness sometimes happens.

i have spoken with some subs who just don’t understand. Why would i call my Husband Daddy? Why would i play with toys, and color, and be cared for like a child? Some people just aren’t little. But that doesnt mean they aren’t capable of understanding.

Here are the facts: i am not a child. i am a 27 year old woman with children and a household and responsibilities. i raise my Children in a Christian household, cook my family dinner every night, tuck my babies in. i keep this family running on the domestic front. In addition to all those things, i am a wife. i am a sexual being. i am a little. i color pictures, i cuddle my warmie Lala, i sing random made up songs about Daddy and what he is doing right then. i PLAY with my children- crawl around on the floor, and build Legos, and throw dance parties. i play with Daddy. i fuck and suck and make love with Daddy. And all of these things are good. i won’t apologize for any of it.

Maybe this post is more defensive than i want it to be. Ultimately what i am getting at is that we all have a way of doing things. There is no one right way. No expert at parenting, being a spouse, being a submissive, or being a little. my way is just that- mine. And i hope that you can do your way, and through it we can be friends.

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