Daddy got me a subscription to a monthly service that sends me makeup to try. It is a great reward for accomplishing my chores and tasks.

But sometimes this service sends me an over abundance of lipstick. And it gave me an idea.

Daddy travels a lot for work. Sometimes i pick Him up from the airport. i have taken to wearing different lipsticks when i go, and hint at giving Him a blow job.

When i wear lipstick it makes me feel impish, playful, and sexy. Sometimes Daddy will comment, “I like that color on your lips”, to which i reply, “just wait til you see it wrapped around your cock”. i loooooove His reaction to those little teasing comments.

One time Daddy and i went to dinner after i picked Him up, and He kissed me so much that all my lipstick was smeared all around my mouth. He thought that was hilarious, and i spent the next 10 minutes washing my face with baby wipes.

Sometimes i write Him love notes and hide them in His pillows, luggage, and laundry. i cover those notes in lipstick kisses, and doodly hearts and sappy messages.

Sometimes i leave lipstick kisses on Daddy because i am a brat.

And sometimes Daddy makes me suck Him when i wear it, because He likes the way it looks.

Lipstick is a fun tool. There is a secret meaning just between Him and i. So if you ever see me wearing lipstick, you’ll know what it means!IMG_20180714_235436

4 Comments on “Lipstick

    • i never used to wear it, but Daddy likes it so much that now i don’t mind. Sometimes i just wear it around the house to tease him!

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  1. Omg this is a great idea!! Hehe πŸ˜‰ Very sexy, something I think my daddy will definitely enjoy πŸ’‹

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