Spreader Bar

As part of DIY week I’d like to share my $12 spreader bar. For those unfamiliar with spreader bars, they are a tool designed to prevent a person from being able to close their legs. They are a form of restraints, and can restrain both the wrists and the ankles, depending on positioning.

Spreader bars are something I’ve wanted to try for awhile now. But I couldn’t justify spending $60-100 on something I didn’t know if I’d ever use or even like. So I got an idea and went to the hardware store.

I browsed through the shower curtain tension rods and chose one that is expandable from 36″ to 72″. As a side note, the full length bar hangs off the edges of our king size bed, so you probably wouldn’t want something much longer. There are many different sizes if you wanted to go with something else that better suits your needs. Next I went to the plumbing department and got some split extension hangers that fit the pipe. I needed 2 different sizes due to the telescoping poles. These were nice because they have areas you can screw into so I just picked up some o-rings with screws and was good to go. $12 dollars later and 5 minutes to assemble and we had a functioning adjustable spreader bar.

Sturdy enough to hold her during forced orgasm scenes, and collapsible for better storage, I am very happy with how it turned out.

Multi position 36″ to 72″
Durable yet light

Not as aesthetically pleasing as the $60-$100 ones

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