Boardwalks and Babydolls

Daddy took me to the shore last night. We haven’t had many true dates in the last year, really 2 years, from pregnancy and then our baby being born… But He took me to this boardwalk and spoiled me rotten.

It started with a trip to a pharmacy to purchase a small vibrator. Daddy wanted to mindfuck me, and led me around the store saying things like “do you think people see what we are buying?” and promising to make me play in the car. It was mortifying. Once back in the car, Daddy demanded that i give him my panties, and for the next 45 minutes edged me. He said i couldn’t orgasm until it hurt so bad to hold it back that i was begging. Finally i got to cum, and Daddy gave back my panties.

We pulled up to the beach, parked, and started wandering. This boardwalk had so much to do. Arcades, carnival games, restaurants, even an aquarium!

Daddy and i wandered into an arcade and i saw one of those games that has coins sitting on a ledge and you drop more in to knock them down, and then win tickets. That is my favorite game and i have no idea why, its just mesmerizing and so much fun. So i sat and played that with Daddy for a little while. i won lots of tickets and picked out a lovely new baby doll that i named Helena and i got a princess key chain. Then Daddy took me to have dinner and i had a taco salad and a frosé which i never had before and it was very yummy. Then we took a walk on the beach. The beach was really lovely, the sand was scratchy on my toes, and i chased birds and splashed and drew names in the sand. i played so much i lost my favorite sun glasses, but even that didn’t put much of a damper on the evening. Daddy says its time i get a new pair anyway.

After the beach, we played bunches of carnival games like ring toss and the one where you spray water into a clowns mouth. Daddy helped me win so many toys. i got a sloth called Hugglesniff, and a llama called Bebo, and my dolly named Helena, and a Hello Kitty mermaid and a princess Aurora key chain. i got spoiled beyond belief. i literally don’t think i have ever had more fun on a date in my whole entire life.

At the end of the night it started raining, so Daddy took me back to where we are staying, and cuddled me to sleep. i really am the luckiest girl in the whole universe. i don’t know how or why i got so lucky, but i am really grateful that i have Him.

i love You Daddy. Thank You for the bestest date ever. Thank You for taking the time to plan such a great time. You are my hero.

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