Questions answered: Behavior

When in little mode, do you behave yourself?

Behave myself? Give me a moment to giggle…. Ok. Honestly i probably don’t behave myself as much as i should when i am in little space. But it isn’t out of a desire to misbehave or brat- moreso it is that i feel silly, and act out in silliness. my little self is not petulant, so i am generally not a pouty or whiny little. And when i realize that i have annoyed Daddy or made Him angry, i feel deeply ashamed. When i feel little, self control can become problematic, because sometimes i just want to play, pounce, and laugh, but realistically that isn’t always practical. So do i behave myself? i sure do try, but nobody is perfect!

Which adjectives describe you? Are you bratty? Helpful? Shy?

my little self feels small and shy. i feel excitable but tend to stay kind of quiet when i am excited because i don’t want to make a fuss or annoy Daddy. my little self is my sweeter, more docile self. i can wonder at things more than i would otherwise. i feel soft and delicate when i am little. i am more sensitive, and want lots of attention from Daddy. Sometimes i feel really lonely as a little because i don’t have many little friends that i can play with.
Does your behavior and demeanor depend heavily on the situation?

If Daddy and i are in public, i don’t like being super little on the outside. i feel shy in public, so usually He will whisper sweet things really softly so only i can hear, and will hold my pinkie when we walk places. If we are alone or in the car i open up quite a bit more, and feel i can freely be myself. i am naturally very introverted so am quite reserved when in vanilla headspace. If in public, i try to hold on to that, even though Daddy wants me to let loose more when we are out. i worry about accidentally exposing our lifestyle to non consenting or disapproving people, so i feel i have to be very careful.

Behvaior is always a work in progress, right? Do you have a little self? How do you behave?


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