Questions answered: Labels

Are there any labels that might help others to understand you better?

i suppose if you are looking to understand me, i should really explain what all these labels mean. Here goes:

BDSM= Bondage, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. This is a generalized label that covers all kink dynamics and lifestyles.

DD/lg & DD/bg= Daddy Dom & little girl or babygirl. This is a power exchange relationship in which there is a Daddy Dom and a little girl/babygirl. We model our version of this after D/s, but there are lots of variations.

ABDL= Adult Baby, Diaper Lover also known as paraphilic infantilism.

D/s= Dominant/submissive

These are the labels i typically tag in my posts. i don’t personally like to identify with the ABDL label, because we don’t have an infant style dynamic, but i think some of my topics relate.

Do you like this label?

For the most part, i don’t mind the labels. If i had to choose one that i dislike it would be ABDL or DDlg, mainly because a lot of the time when i meet other kinksters they do not understand its meaning, and assume i have daddy issues and write me off as a fake. i think its unfair to treat those that are interested in ageplay with such disdain. i tend to avoid being little in online communities unless i am invited to be, or am around other littles, because it does not feel widely accepted to be little otherwise.

What, if anything, do you wish was different about how people perceived the label?

i really really really wish that people didn’t associate pedophilia and daddy issues and mental illness with ageplay. i have seen so many posts online written by people against age play, and also written by those who practice BDSM, attributing the desire to ageplay to mental instability and problems caused during formative years, and frankly it makes me really angry. Those posts feed the stereotype that people like me had bad childhoods, are lazy and don’t want to grow up, and are not functioning members of society. For the record, i am educated, have a strong faith foundation, am a really good mother, am a contributing resident in my community, and so much more. i AM stable, and emotionally well, and can function as an adult first and foremost. This Freudian nonsense needs to stop.

Do you use this label only out of necessity or do you wear it proudly?

If by “wear it proudly” you mean that i wear my “babygirl” t-shirt and bows to the grocery store, the answer is no. Not because i’m not proud- but because i am private about my life. If a kinkster doesn’t understand, do you think the minister from my church would? What about my kids? So no, i don’t wear a DDlg badge proudly. But i am absolutely proud of what Daddy and i have accomplished in our dynamic, and love the life we share.

That’s all for now! See you later! 🐰

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