Questions answered: Regression

Do you have a little personality distinct from your everyday self? If so, what are the differences?

i see myself as having a couple of different headspaces, but ultimately feel that my normal headspace has bits of everything in it. i view my headspaces as sort of a swimming pool. One end is shallow, the other end deep. And then there is the chair beside the pool. The chair would be my every day, get stuff done, be a mom headspace. It’s even keeled, and focused. Once i step into the shallow end, that is little space. It is my gateway into a submissive headspace, the deep end, and usually i am more likely to hit subspace if i first hit little space. Make sense? The headspace that throws the chair over the fence and stomps her feet is my alpha. She is not welcome here. Generally speaking, i am introverted and self aware, i aim to be respectful and self motivated in my everyday mindset, but i also have a playful little side that peeks out occasionally.

Do you prefer being your everyday self to being little or vice versa? Do you enjoy both personas more or less equally?

i looooove when i get to be little. But maybe it feels so special because i can’t be 100% little 100% of the time. i like being a mom, and accomplishing things as an adult. But it is such a relief and release to wind down into little space when Daddy allows it.

Do you like to regress, i.e. feel like you’ve become a younger age, when you’re age playing? If so how do your behaviors and thoughts change?

When i go into littlespace i dont identify with a certain age. i just feel small. i do notice a change in my thoughts and behaviors, but i think its because i get to let go and let Daddy be the responsible one for that time. i usually get excitable, i talk faster and sometimes baby talk. i am easily stressed out if i have to make big decisions in little space. i tend to get silly and playful, and Daddy says i get shy too. Daddy says my body language gets completely different- He says that i gesture with my hands more too.

If you do regress, is your little self an expression of an alternate personality, or just you as your younger self?

i don’t really like the examples of “alternate personality” or “younger self”. My little is me. Its my personality, just not one that i feel safe expressing in front of everyone. Its not me playacting or role playing, and the idea that it isnt genuinely me is kind of offensive.

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