Questions answered: Clothing

What sort of clothing does your little like to wear? Do you like special panties, ruffled socks, onesies, overalls, etc.?

my little self likes being naked, if i am being honest. But i also really like wearing cute things, like fun t-shirts, onesies, sun dresses, overalls, cutesie undies, etc.. The difference for me is that i wear these things regularly, so they are my typical wardrobe. Do i like wearing them? Yes! i wear them every day!
Do you consider age play clothes fetish wear or would you wear them in public in your daily life?

i guess i just answered that- i wear them in public within reason in my daily life. i do like looking… Appropriate. So i avoid anything that could out me without meaning to. But a lot of clothes space me and are not obvious.
Would you be able to age play without these clothes?

i don’t view ageplay as roleplay. It is simply part of who i am. It isnt a costume. i am who i am clothes or not.

🐰until we meet again!

3 Comments on “Questions answered: Clothing

    • oh don’t get me started on socks! lol i love the funky ones that have fun animals on them or say sassy things.

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