Questions answered: Friendship

Do you enjoy playing with other littles?

Yes!!!!! But i can’t tell you how hard it is to find little friends. Let me rephrase- it is hard to find little friends that are also married with children, that may also be Christian. It’s a tall order in the kink community. That isn’t to say i am not open minded- i have made friends with other littles with different life situations… It’s just it would be nice to be able to share with some friends who had more in common with me. It has been easy to make friends online, but our local community caters more to polyamourous and swinging couples, not littles, so again, it is slim pickings. Not that i wouldn’t be friends with people in other dynamics, i already am!

Are your relationships with other littles an expression of polyamory or are they strictly platonic?

Any relationship that i have with anyone aside from Daddy is 10000000000% platonic. i am very possessive of Him, and He is very possessive of me. We do not, and will not ever share, no matter how mild it may be. It just is not our thing. Friends are only that- friends.

Do you enjoy being cared for by caregivers who may not be bonded to you, like a babysitter, or do you only want a very close caregiver, like a Mommy?

Daddy has never put me in a situation that required an alternate caregiver, so honestly i am unsure of how i feel about this. If Daddy required me to try it, i suppose that i would give it a shot, but i have reservations. What would the limitations be? Would i get disciplined by this other person? Once i had a dream (a nightmare really) that Daddy got me a babysitter but they were really mean and i woke up upset.

List three characteristics of the ideal Big for your little.

my ideal Big is Daddy! He is protective, challenging, and funny. Those are important because He makes me feel safe, pushes me out of my comfort zones, and laughs with me.

List three characteristics of your little’s perfect best friend.

my perfect best friend would be silly, confident, and kind. i value silliness because i like being playful and don’t like when people take themselves too seriously. i would like to be able to talk to my best friend about important stuff too. Being confident is really important because it is something i struggle with, and i think they would be a good example for me. i would want my best friend to be kind because kindness is the cure to all things sad, bad and mean, and we could love the world to infinity and beyond together. Future best friend: wherever you are, i miss you and hope we meet soon!

tata for now!🐰

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