Questions answered: Playtime

What are your little self’s favorite things to do during playtime?

There are so many things i enjoy doing during playtime. i am just gonna make a list. Playing with stuffies (stuffed animals), arts and crafts, making slime, coloring, drawing, video games, cooking, building forts, watching movies or tv, chatting to friends, tickle fights, pillow fights, playing dollies, legos, puzzles, computer games, dressing up, playing pretend, singing songs, listening to music, cuddling, eating snacks or treats, dance parties, playing with my hair, playing with my kids, playing outside… Thats all i can think of for now!
Do you have any special toys? Would you be upset if someone else touched or used this toy?

i have SO many toys. my favorite one is named Lala. She is an elephant, and she is grey. She is my favorite toy because she is a warmie, so you can put her in the microwave and she gets all warm and toasty. She is good for all my aches and is my bestest cuddliest pillow. She is my friend too. my second favorite toy is Teddy. Teddy is my small white teddy, and he is the first toy Daddy ever got me, that he sent me for Valentine’s Day before we were even dating. Teddy is a grown up and he went to jail but now he is in the witness protection program. He has a son named Teddy Jr. that lives with us too. Teddy keeps all my toys in line, and watches over them when i can’t. He might be tiny, but you shouldn’t mess with him. He is wily. my third favorite toy is hard to choose, but it is probably Sammy. He is a baby leopard and has a little pink nose. He sleeps a lot. Daddy got me Sammy when i had a miscarriage. It was a very hard time, so Daddy did a lot of stuff to cheer me up, and Sammy makes me feel better when i am sad cos i am reminded of how much Daddy loves me and how good He is at taking care of me, even during the worst times. Maybe someday i will make a post introducing all my toys, but for now that’s all i will say about them.

i am possessive of my toys, in fact Daddy and i have an agreement that even if i am in trouble, He isn’t ever gonna take my stuffies. They comfort me and keep me company, and Daddy knows it would be traumatic if He took them away. But i do let Daddy play with them with me, and my kids like to play with them too. i don’t mind!
Are you good at sharing?

Daddy and i have 2 kids, so sharing is a skill i have mastered.
Would you engage in an activity that you didn’t like or found boring in order to accommodate a playmate?

Yes. There is always a way to make things fun. i would hope if it was truly awful and boring, my friends would compromise. But ultimately, yes, i would play the games my friends wanted to play, even if i didn’t really like that game. Because i like my friends and want them to be happy too.
Describe a perfect afternoon with your ideal little best friend.

A perfect afternoon with my ideal little best friend would start with pancakes. With smiley faces. And then we would go to the pool and play. And get sun tans. And maybe have snacks. And then we would come home and play toys and decorate cookies and do each others hair and nails. And we would watch movies. And laugh lots. And color. And i wouldn’t want the day to end. i wanna cry just thinking about it!
Do you have imaginary friends? Are you friends with your stuffed animals and toys?

i do not have imaginary friends, but my stuffies are my friends. i love my toys and they all have a special place in my heart. i try to save them even when they get ratty and old looking, cos they have such great personalities. They are definitely my friends.

i love playtime🐰

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