Questions answered: Punishments

Does your little self enjoy or tolerate being punished?

That just depends. Logically, if i am being punished, it is because i have done something wrong, and let Daddy down. i never want to disappoint or upset Daddy, and if He chooses to punish me, it’s because i have done that. That does not make me happy, and i do not enjoy knowing that Daddy is unhappy with me. From the physical side, there have been times when i have lashed out in brattiness to get His attention (or spankies). Daddy realized what i was doing, and took action to help me understand why it was wrong, and now i do it much less often. So no, ultimately i do not enjoy being punished. The word “tolerate” implies that i don’t really get anything out of punishments, and that i allow Daddy to punish me for His own gratification. This sounds very unhealthy, because if one party is simply tolerating a punishment, it isn’t really consensual. Also, it would mean that i have authority, which i do not. So no, there is no “tolerance”, but more an understanding that a punishment is not meant to be pleasant, but is good for me, and i will accept it graciously.
Would you prefer punishments to be humiliating, painful, or time consuming?

i would prefer that Daddy do what He thinks is best, but the most effective punishments are humiliating or painful. Time consuming punishments run the risk of taking things too far, or pushing me out of headspace, so i think my preference would be to avoid time consuming punishments. But if Daddy decided i needed that, i would have to trust Him. i think sometimes with physically painful punishments, inside myself i become sort of hard, and i tell myself that i won’t break or show Him how bad it hurts, so i end up sort of fighting it internally. There is an internal battle going on during painful punishments, because i dig in and try to keep control. Daddy is aware of this, which is why He uses a lot of verbal communication during corporal punishments- the effects of knowing His feelings and thoughts on what i have done paired with the physical pain breaks down my hardness and forces me to take a long hard look at my actions. Those punishments make me feel ashamed, but not humiliated. Well, i guess there is a degree of humiliation in getting spanked or whipped… But i find humiliation stressfully arousing. It’s complex and confusing.
Which punishments would you absolutely not submit to?

This is kind of a hard question, as i feel i should submit to Daddy. But if i had to name a few…. First and foremost if it was a punishment administered in anger, it would trigger an anxiety attack, and so as a means of self protection i would not submit. Other punishments like figging, or punishments that could do long term damage or draw blood are off limits as well.
How does being punished make you feel?

Being punished makes me feel deep, deep shame. It makes me feel like i have passed the point of no return, and i struggle to forgive myself. When Daddy punishes me, i feel as though i have totally failed, and also feel like i don’t deserve Daddy’s love. Daddy doesn’t say any of those things, its more internal. In fact, when Daddy punishes me, He says He knows i can do better, and tells me how much He loves me. Daddy is very encouraging and positive.
Should punishment be an experience on its own or only in response to misbehavior on your part?

i am not sure i understand this question. Is it asking if punishments should happen even when you haven’t done something bad? i think the correct name for that is funishment. i would not like being told i acted in error if i hadn’t, as it would be very confusing, and i think it would be hard to enforce rules if the list were partially imaginary. i enjoy funishments, but i always know the difference.
Would you become upset or defiant if you felt that you were being punished unjustly?

i have before. Early in our dynamic, Daddy implemented maintenance spankings. Sometimes He would simply say, “bend over the table”, with no warning or explanation, and i would sort of freak out, feeling indignant because i felt i didn’t deserve it. So Daddy and i talked about it, and agreed that we needed to ritual-ize maintenance better, so that it triggered an appropriate response.
List five punishments that you would enjoy submitting to.

Ummmmm. No. Because i don’t enjoy being punished. Like seriously there is a difference between being a spanko and enjoying pissing off your partner who dedicates a majority of His time providing care and attention to your own needs. How selfish would i be if i said i enjoy getting, and seek being punished?

i am a masochist. i enjoy being spanked, whipped, flogged, and otherwise tortured. But NOT at Daddy’s expense.
Should punishments be appropriate to your little age? What are your criteria for determining the appropriate punishment?

i don’t have a definitive little age. i range from super tiny to fun size to medium i guess. i can’t quantify it with a number. So that makes it hard to determine which punishments are appropriate. i am an adult, so if Daddy sees a punishment as fitting, it is so, and i accept it.

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    • Aww thanks Bluebird! It has been fun answering them and putting in words how i feel on the inside. Thanks for reading!


  1. These were hard questions for me too. I think you did a great job navigating the wording to get to the point of punishment.

    Also, you taught me a new word! Funishment!

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