Questions answered: Rules

Do you enjoy having special rules for when you are in little space?

i am not sure that my rules really change when i am in little space, but maybe that is cos i am little a lot. Maybe my rules become just a little more lax though. Daddy gives me more chances, and more warnings when i am especially little, as opposed to when i am not. i kind of think the biggest rule for when i feel little is there is a time and a place, and if i am acting a certain way at the wrong time, i need correction.

Are these rules meant to control your behavior or help you get into little space?

The rules Daddy created are meant to control my behavior and help space me. But our rules are centered more around D/s than being little, as our dynamic is mainly D/s. The rules we have dictate how i care for myself, how i behave, and what i do regularly.

Would these rules be realistic rules that a chronological child should abide by, like washing your hands before you eat, or fetishistic like having to wet at least 2 diapers per day?

Some of the rules are realistic, and some are fetishistic.

Would these rules be set by your Big alone or would you have input? Are there certain rules that you would not consent to?

Daddy gives me some input in rules, mainly because we have children, so exceptions sometimes need to be made. So far Daddy has not come up with any rules that i would not consent to, but the only rules i would not consent to are common sense safety and decency things relating to our family and community. We have a rule that the children, our educations, and our faith supercede any rule.

Based on your little age, how much control would a Big have over you in regards to leisure time, goals, speech, dress, hygiene, etc.?

Daddy has 100% control over all those things. And for the record, i am 27. i do not identify with an age other than that, even if i enjoy playing with toys and feel young at heart. So my “little age” would not determine my rules or the amount of control Daddy has.

Does your little self have chores? Homework? If so, do you have a good attitude about it?

i am technically a housewife. So yes i have daily tasks and chores to complete. Daddy occasionally assigns work to me as well, like reading, writing, or crafts. i usually get excited about the assignments, and feel pretty ambivalent about chores. If i am honest, i hate chores. But i try my best to get them done. Sometimes Daddy helps me or talks to me and keeps me company when i do chores. It helps.

Do you enjoy using ageplay to motivate you to do work, like having a sticker or earning a reward?

Daddy and i used an app called Habitica at first, which really helped when keeping track of rewards. It assigned a points system for getting them done, and subtracted points if you missed things. Then we assigned a points value to each reward. It even allowed for Daddy to give me extra credit. In the beginning, i really liked it, but i also felt Daddy was being cheap. So we decided to stop using it. Now that i am thinking about it, maybe we should try again.

Would this scenario work only in a fantasy setting or would you like to be motivated to complete mundane chores like paying bills and cleaning the kitchen?

It works in both ways, but primarily to accomplish household tasks.

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