Questions answered: Depth

How frequently do you like to age play?

There is always a degree of little-ness going on in my head. That side of myself never goes away- it is an integral part of who i am. With regards to scenes, i wish we could have little scenes and play time more often, but life gets in the way a lot. We have scenes at least once a week, but it isn’t always little oriented, in fact, mostly it is not.
Do you always like to go all the way, or is it sometimes preferable to experience a lighter, less immersive age play, like only sucking on a pacifier or just wearing age play clothes?

i wish i could go “all the way” more often, as it is very soothing and relaxing. But since i can’t, i do the little things that i can when i can. i probably sound repetitive but i want to make sure it is clear that i am aware of my adult age, do not define myself with any other age, and believe that being young at heart describes me best. i can’t just drop into a role, as the person i describe in my posts is simply who i am.
Are there certain things going on in your life that might make you want to age play more or less often or is your desire pretty constant?

my desire is pretty constant because i have to rein myself in a lot. It isnt always comfortable to behave little, i don’t want my kids thinking i am odd, or putting two and two together. i do not have some sort of trauma that makes me want to be little, if that is what the question really means. i was severely neglected as a child, and am not on good terms with my family. But since i was very young i have wanted some of the things i enjoy as an adult, and i chalk it up to me being me, not me playacting the fantasy of what i wanted growing up. It bothers me when people use BDSM as a means of expressing mental illness or unhealthy relationships. This isn’t a bandaid. Bad things happen, and before you can involve yourself in kink, you need to get your shit together emotionally. That is a fact. If you can’t manage a relationship without BDSM and you can’t deal with life without someone forcing you to be self motivated, it is not going to be sustainable, and you will move on to the next bandaid sooner rather than later. i have gone through years of counseling, found my faith, and worked my butt off to become who i am. i am just lucky enough that Daddy shares my kinks.

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