What to do when you meet a wild Fox

When you go for a walk in the woods, you might not expect to see many woodland creatures. Maybe a bird, or a butterfly, maybe even a squirrel. So when i was wandering the trails, and a little fox approached, i was shocked! i had never met a fox before, except at the zoo, and even there you have 2 inches of glass between you!

This fox was special though. She had big, bright eyes, and a lovely purple tail, and she smiled at me, drawing me in.

So i perched on a bench along the trail, sitting with this adorable creature, and listened while she told me about her life, scampering about wildly and caring for her kits, and about how she only goes belly up for her mate. This fox was so friendly! She wasn’t sneaky or wily or aggressive! She was cute and quirky and made me laugh.

As we chatted on the bench, the day grew late, and we realized we needed to get home. But we promised to meet again, and i looked forward to it. She leapt away, a blur of fluffy purple, and i sat a moment longer in awe of the creature i had met.

So in your wanderings, if you meet a purple fox, sit down and have a chat. Remember she is sweet, and if you really want to draw her out, bring límon Lays.

Happy birthday my friend, foxy!

3 Comments on “What to do when you meet a wild Fox

  1. Thank you for being such a good friend to my little fox. Her day is always brightened when y’all get to talk. (FYI, you did make her cry….happy tears 😉)

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