is it wrong

to want comfort

and attention

and affection?

am i greedy for wishing

night after night

your fingers were lost with mine?

am i silly for pining after you?

i want to memorize the angles of your face

the curve of your lips

the tilt of your eyes

i want to taste your skin

breathe you in…

drink your scent until i am near intoxication.

i am lost… never have i felt this ache.

i am frightened… because you’re so far away.


bring days where you hold me tight

and pull the blankets up to our chins

and tell me your stories

and kiss my lips.

stroke my hair, and whisper me to sleep.


i wrote this back before Daddy and i had ever met in person. Before the D/s and DDlg, before basically everything. He was so magnetic, so funny, such a bright spot. i found this poem in an old journal in a basket in the back of my closet. This is my reality now. He loves me so good, at times better than i deserve. i have Him memorized so well that now i forget to keep remembering. i may have gotten a bit complacent. i will have to memorize Him again tonight. i am so grateful that we have what we have.

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