Questions answered: Places

Are there certain places that make you feel more little?

Places that make me feel little: my bed, the zoo, the car, the grocery store, the mall, the park, outdoors in general… This is hard!!! i feel little lots of places, and i am not sure it’s the place triggering me as much as Daddy triggering me. i think i mostly feel little on my own at the zoo, the animals make me feel so much wonder. Oh, and the museum. i looooove museums.

Are there places that you feel are sacrosanct only to age play or only to being Big? If so, why?

Church. i just can’t do it. Even though the Bible tells me that only God can judge me, i know that doesn’t stop others from judging. i get really weird about BDSM and church- because i know they’d politely purse their lips and ask us not to come anymore if they knew. When my eldest child was entering preschool, we enrolled her at a Christian academy. We even paid the fees, and initial tuition (the place was not cheap), and 2 days before she was slated to start, they expelled her. Yes- expelled. Their words. Their reasoning was that Daddy and i were not married, and lived together. It didn’t matter that we lived together, in the house that we just bought, in an effort to care for her because she has epilepsy and spent countless weeks in the hospital with her. It didn’t matter that we were getting married in a few short months. And if i hadn’t threatened to get an attorney, they would have kept the several hundred dollars i had already paid them. The fact is, people treat Christianity like a club, when the reality is that we are called to love everyone- our neighbors, our enemies, everyone. But that isn’t how a lot of white bread families treat their faith. So i have taken an unspoken vow to maintain “separation of church and state”, if you will. They don’t mix, sad as that may be. Taking holy communion and being spanked by your husband who you also call Daddy apparently doesn’t fit together. It is what it is.

Are there any changes that can be made to a space to make it feel more like a safe or fun place for you to be little, like making sure the space is soundproof or putting out little decor?

i have plans when we move to make a whole room dedicated to being little. That gives me a good idea for a post… Anyway, we really aren’t able to dedicate space to being little, but our bedroom has some subtle things that help. i have a basket of stuffies beside the bed, and Lala and Teddy are always near my pillow. i also am only allowed to wear certain pajamas, so that helps. Sometimes Daddy will help me build a fort- that helps too.

Are you comfortable age playing in vanilla, non-adult settings, like the zoo?

Yes and no. i never ever ever want anyone, especially a child, in the non kink world to be exposed to our dynamic without their consent. i feel very strongly about that. So while it might make me feel little to go to the zoo, i keep my littleness to a minimum, speak quietly and privately with Daddy, and generally keep to myself. my little self isn’t really loud or exuberant anyway, and i have good self control, so i don’t think i draw much attention. Plus, a lot of people see that we have kids, and think we are just really fun parents (we are!).

Do you like to age play in semi-public settings, like at a BDSM play party?

We have never ventured to a BDSM play party, but if or when we do, i would probably want to be little. But i also have a submissive side. So i would be fine either way. i think it also depends on whether or not the hosts or community organization is comfortable having age play at their parties. i have met a lot of individuals that are into BDSM that do not view DDlg as a valid kink. So i think it would strongly depend on if it was welcomed. i also think i would feel uncomfortable with things like diaper changes in front of others, as it is very personal and i wouldn’t feel comfortable being so exposed. But that would be up to Daddy.

If you do play in public, what’s your plan for dealing with onlookers who may become curious, uncomfortable, or offended?

This is a hard question. i like to think that we would never cause offense as we are very careful what we say and do in public. But if some nosy nellie snuck up and listened, i have a feeling Daddy would say something like, “if you didn’t want to hear it, why are you eavesdropping?” Or something. Because when we do talk in public about little stuff, we usually whisper in each others ears or text each other. But if someone were curious, i think if it was a stranger and they seemed open or friendly, we might have a conversation. But it would be up to Daddy how much to share. i think ultimately we don’t want that kind of attention though, unless the point of it is to make friends. i hate the thought of making someone uncomfortable.

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