Questions answered: Triggers

Is there something that can happen that makes you feel little?

Daddy had me make a list of triggers once. Let me dig it up….

Triggers for little space:
-when we are out in public and you make me hold just your pinkie
-when you say “you’re too little”
-cozy snuggles
-when you say “let daddy help you”
-when you scold me
-when you force me to look in your eyes
-when you talk about my kitty
-when you call me tiny and cute, small, little
-when you tell me you are proud of me
-when you bring me little snacks
-when you baby talk me
-when you help me do things like pick my clothes or put my shoes on
-washing me

The thing is, i am sure there are more, those are just things Daddy does. Sometimes a song, tv show, animal, friend, random thing makes me feel little. Its sometimes hard to pinpoint.

Do you enjoy it when something unexpected makes you feel little? Can it be deliberately initiated?

Little space can be deliberately initiated, but it can also pop up spontaneously. Sometimes when it is unexpected i don’t like it because there is a time and a place, and it doesnt always happen at the right time.

Is it embarrassing to be made to feel little in public, even if you aren’t acting little?

It isn’t that i get embarrassed- it’s more that i feel so shy. i trust that Daddy wouldn’t expose my littleness without letting me know, especially when others did not consent to that exposure. But i feel shy in little space and sometimes like to hide. i dont think it is out of embarrassment… But maybe it is… This is a hard question! If i feel embarrassed it would be because someone could see or notice. Daddy mentions that a lot as a way of toying with me. So the threat of being embarrassed is always there, but Daddy doesn’t usually take it that far.

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