Questions answered: Personality

Is your little side always or sometimes dominant?

my little side is not dominant. i am taking this question as, “does your little side also have the traits of a dominant?”, because the other questions in this section make me think thats what it is getting at. my little self is not at all dominant, in fact, the idea of being dominant in any way makes me uncomfortable.

Do you feel dominant toward everyone or only to a specific person or type of person?

i only get dominant when i need to- and mostly it is about my children. i am fierce about my children.

Is your little mean, like a bully or tattletale?

my little side is sheltered, sweet, innocent, and lovable. i sometimes get silly and make goofy rude jokes, but i hate the idea of being a mean bully.

Is your little a leader?

Nope. All the nopes.

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