Questions answered: littlespace and masochism

Do you enjoy physical discomfort when in little space, like spankings, hair pulling, rough penetration, etc.?

Sometimes. i like rough play in little space, but i also really like cuddles. my inner masochist leans more toward my submissive side than my little side. When i feel little i would prefer being cuddled. But it really just depends. Sometimes i feel playful and wanna wrestle, or struggle a little. It just depends.

Do you enjoy emotional discomfort like being teased, being scolded, being put on time out, losing your favorite toy, etc.? If so, is this discomfort just part of your interactions as a little, or is it a punishment?

Not really. Sometimes being teased makes me squirm, but usually when i am little, if Daddy does something like that without me being naughty, it feels unfair. i think usually this would be punishment, but sometimes Daddy messes with me, and a lot of the time i end up whining.

Should punishments be non-sexual, sexual, or a mix of the two?

Is that up to me? It isn’t. But i think either one is ok. Daddy has decided to do both. my opinion is that punishments should be whatever Daddy says they should be.

Do you enjoy more domestic punishments like being spanked with a belt or hair brush?
Do you enjoy more institutional punishments like being spanked with a paddle or being made to hold dictionaries on outstretched arms?

i don’t really see a difference between domestic and institutional punishments. A spanking is a spanking and a punishment is a punishment. i am not meant to enjoy punishments. i do like non punishment spankings.

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