Questions answered- Romance

Does your little self experience full blown feelings of adult love or crushes?

i experience full blown, full heart, over the top love for Daddy. i am not single, and do not experience crushes.

How would your little self express romantic affection?

my little self expresses affection for Daddy in a lot of ways. Like nuzzling. His chest, arms, neck. i am the princess of nuzzling. Orrr kiss attacks or squeezey hugs. i wrap my legs around Him. i defer to Him a lot more in little space than i normally do. i poke Him… Lots of random silly, playful stuff too. Oh, and love bites.

In which ways would you not like to experience or express romantic affections as a little? Would these expressions make you uncomfortable or do they just not resonate with you?

If Daddy started reading Shakespeare or something while i was feeling little, i would probably collapse into a fit of giggles. But romance with Daddy never makes me uncomfortable. Things are just simpler when i feel little. It doesn’t have to be flowery and ornate because it is easier to understand and accept when it is plainly said. And sometimes that simple honesty is better than any bouquet or box of candy… Although i will never turn down candy…

Is your little self more or less open to multiple romantic relationships than your big self? Equally open?

No side of me is open to multiple relationships. i have a cave woman on my shoulder that beats her chest and screeches “MINE”. Its the only word she knows. i won’t share or be shared. Daddy and i don’t want or need another party in our marriage or dynamic. We want platonic friends and that is all.

Is it appropriate for a little your age to have a romantic partner and go on dates? Would you do it even if it was, or because it was inappropriate?

It is appropriate because Daddy is my Husband and we are in a relationship, and we do in fact go on little dates. We are going on one tomorrow, thank you very much. i can’t think of a way a date would be inappropriate, but ya know, i don’t traipse around town in my llama onesie, so i guess i am less inappropriate than all that.

Would your partner take the lead in the relationship or would you?

Daddy is the leader. (singing this in my head over and over). He always will be!

Would you only date your Big?


Would your relationship to your Big be more of a parent child relationship where your Big would determine whether or not you could date other individuals?

Lol. If Daddy sends me on a date with someone else please send help.

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