Questions answered- Sadism and littlespace

Does your little self like to hurt others?

Ummmm no. my little self likes to goof off with people, and play lots. But i never want to hurt anyone. my little self worries about being excessively needy or talkative and withdraws because of that. The idea of hurting anyone mortifys me.
Do you enjoy inflicting physical pain, like giving someone a wedgie or an Indian burn?

Sometimes i give Daddy wedgies or Indian burns, or wet willies or noogies. But never with the intention of hurting Him. Daddy is much stronger than i am, and it is next to impossible for me to hurt Him unless i really try to.
Do you enjoy inflicting emotional pain, like calling someone names or insisting a Big read you a sexual story when they don’t want to?

No. i never ever want to inflict any sort of emotional pain to anyone. Too many people have shown me what it is like to be on the receiving end of that, and i don’t ever want anyone to feel that way because of me.

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