Questions answered- Sexuality


Do you like to have sexual contact when in little space? If so, what kind? Do you like to masturbate in little mode?

Yes, i do. i like really any kind of sexual contact with Daddy, whether little, vanilla, or submissive. Sexual contact can range from oral sex, petting, anal or vaginal intercourse, using toys, etc..
Does play still feel sexual even if you’re not engaging in sexual activity?

Sometimes Daddy gives things sexual undertones, so yes. But honestly a lot of play is innocent and non sexual.
Do you like the vibe to feel intense, playful, coerced, or some other way?

i like all of those. i also like it when the vibe is dark, mysterious, edgy, silly, romantic, nurturing…. there are so many different moods that we have played in, and i really enjoy them all. 
Do you prefer to be the one to initiate sexual contact? How might your partner ask if you would like to be sexual and obtain consent?

Honestly, i don’t like initiating sex sometimes. Because i don’t always feel like the timing is right. They say that men are more horny in the morning, and women are more horny at night, and this definitely applies to us. Sometimes it will be one in the morning before i feel interested, and that is obviously not always the best time. Being realistic: we have 2 kids, and busy daily lives. We schedule sex. We schedule blow jobs. We schedule scenes, maintenance, hell, sometimes we schedule bathing. Not really. But it feels like it sometimes. What i am trying to say is that while it would be so sexy, and so nice, if one of us randomly initiated (and a lot of times we do), we schedule those times, because otherwise we might not have sex at all. Not sexy, but true.

Regarding consent, Daddy and i have a dynamic that includes meta consent, or consensual non consent. Daddy doesn’t need my consent. Some people do not agree with this. We have safe words in the event that things go too far, or there is an emergency, and we regularly prepare for and discuss safety. Daddy is a sadist, but His goal is not ever to push me further than i can handle, and i trust His judgement regarding my wellbeing.
What, if anything, makes a sexual experience as a little different than a sexual experience as a big?

The playfulness. little sex is sillier, funnier… it is also more nurturing. When we have sex during little times, Daddy uses more pet names, and says sweet things to me. He calls me His good girl, angel, and princess. During non little sex, Daddy calls me His toy, is more rough, and objectifies me more.

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