Reblog: PRIDE by Nicole Bradley — Inmate Blogger

What is it about pride that it won’t let someone apologize? Pride is like the little voice with a pitchfork that pokes someone in the ear when they’re about to be humble. Pride grabs you and abuses you into not apologizing to a friend, or kicking someone when they’re down. Pride pumps you up into […]

via PRIDE by Nicole Bradley — Inmate Blogger

i discovered this post on a blog i had no idea existed until a few minutes ago. But the author’s words are so important, and the way she has written about pride is honest, and poetic. If you are a submissive, read this. If you are a Dominant, read this. If you are a partner, friend, sibling, parent, read this. If you are a person, read this. When you let pride rule your life, you stop being empathetic, you stop caring about others, you become a small, selfish, insecure, defensive, unbelievable person.

In the past, i had a blog where i linked my faith and my dynamic. It wasn’t the most popular subject, which was fine. But i did a series about seeking humility and countering pride, and it really taught me a lot about my role as a submissive wife, and as a person in this wide world. Pride has led me to say things to Daddy like, “i don’t want you”, “fuck you”, and “no”. And this isn’t past tense. i have moments that i am not proud of. i am not perfect. i am a straight up bitch sometimes. But when i look in the mirror, even when i just feel those words slip out of my mouth, i hate myself for it. i hate that pride weasels its way into my mind, into my marriage, into my connection with the world around me. So i fight. i swallow my words. i battle myself from the inside out, stepping back to keep myself from saying things i don’t mean. Pride is my enemy. It is false confidence, it is brokenness, it is insecurity shining through.

When you feel prideful, step back. i even want to encourage you, since you are reading this, to reach out to me. Let’s have a conversation about it. Don’t let it overtake you, don’t let pride spew it’s venom into your life. Help me be accountable, and i will help you. Stay humble, spread love, be kind. Be truthful. Be respectful. And remember, you aren’t in this life alone. We all have a part to play in this world, and pride is not constructive.

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