Questions answered: Stress

Does entering little headspace allow you to de-stress or experience emotions that you might usually have trouble accessing?

Littlespace definitely helps me de-stress. It is an escape from bigger thoughts and feelings, and allows me to worry less and play more. i feel more vulnerable, and more simple, when i am little. i tend to feel more confused, shy, and innocent when i am little, as opposed to when i am big.

Are there things that can stress you out when you are little?

Yes- especially making decisions. If Daddy asks me to make decisions when i am little i usually tell Him that i want Him to choose, and if He keeps pushing me, sometimes i get huffy and tell Him i am getting stressed out.

How does your little respond to stress?

i get anxious and flustered, i cry more easily, i have had tantrum type fits if it is a continued issue. But that’s really rare. Usually i just tell Daddy and He helps me navigate away from the stress.

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