Dolphins and Diapers

It has been a week. And not exactly in a good way. Daddy and i have been so busy and it has been challenging. Daddy had to travel for work and since being home has been very busy, on the phone loads. And it isn’t just during working hours. We could be at the dinner table, in bed, it could be 11 at night and His phone is ringing. And nobody wants to keep calls short and sweet. Everyone wants to chat, needs reassurance or attention, and sometimes i have to content myself with the scraps. That isn’t to say we haven’t had our moments of joy and togetherness, i am just saying the interruptions have been excessive. Daddy feels it too, and is working on setting some boundaries at work. During all of this, i decided to try to get Daddy’s attention one night. We had just read a really funny article about a sexually frustrated dolphin that was dolphin-groping swimmers on a beach in France… It had us laughing so hard. So when i saw the dolphin greeting card at the store the next day, an idea hatched. i made a scavenger hunt for Daddy, and after the kids went to sleep, sent Him around to find the treasure. My card had very raunchy dolphin related jokes in it, and He thought it was all very funny. But we ended up getting back in bed after that, too exhausted to play.

The rest of the week passed with the tiredness hanging over us. And last night Daddy’s phone rang back to back from 5 pm until 8 pm. i had reached my limit and shut down. i didn’t know what to do. So when Daddy climbed into bed, still on the phone, i went and mixed Him a drink. And suddenly the connection was back. He came downstairs, smiled and told me i was a genius (and a superior girly drink maker), and we proceeded to play video games and drink. Daddy didn’t get tipsy, but i did, and somehow i ended up in a diaper. It was so silly, and so fun. Daddy fingered me and made me squirt 4 times, so much that i filled the diaper and soaked the sheets. It was an experience. i think the diaper helped me not worry as much about the sheets getting wet, but whatever it was, i felt so relaxed. i gave Daddy a blowjob after that and we both fell asleep promptly, sated and cozy.

Today i am feeling refreshed, and closer to Daddy than i have in 3 weeks. We have a long weekend now to have adventures, and i can’t wait to see what He has planned. (And for the record, His phones are not invited!)

Happy weekend everyone! 🐰

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