The broken switch

Getting out and enjoying nature has been something that has always connected winnie and I. It has been a hobby of ours individually since before we met, and a big part of how we connect now. In the states we are fortunate to have a long holiday weekend, and after a busy work week I decided a hike was in order. So we woke up early and set out on our adventure.

Nature has always spoke to me. It’s free, it’s vast and it jaw droppingly beautiful. So I couldn’t help being surrounded by so much beauty and not using it for a chance to treat my little masochist… Not with all the pain inflicting instruments the hike had been taunting me with since we started. It wasn’t long before I found the perfect switch. Not too old that it would break with just a light tap and not too fresh that I don’t get the pleasure of breaking it over her ass.

We settled on a spot not too populated but close enough someone might see how naughty she is for accepting my switch. The first 3 swats snapped wonderfully. I could see the full motion. My hand swinging the switch till it met her little ass sending her a shocking stingy jolt of pain. The 4th a bit harder making a squeal come out. The 5th and the hardest breaking the switch over her ass with a scream I’m sure the whole park heard. Today we went for a hike and she ended up with a sore ass.

she took My hand in hers, thanked me with a blush, and we finished our hike with a secret smile.

Sinful Sunday

15 Comments on “The broken switch

  1. This reminds me of me and my OH – he often gets a piece of willow and will spend the entire time sneakily hitting me with it except I can’t make noise as we are usually with the kids.

    That last image is super sexy , I love the little twists in Winnie’s hair x

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