DIY Bed Restraint System

Today’s post was originally created for The SafeworD/s Club for the weekly theme: All Tied Up!

When we first started exploring bondage, which was pretty early on for us, like before we moved in together, Daddy purchased some poly rope from our local hardware store. When i say some, what i should really say is that He bought oodles- 150 feet to be exact. He cut it into lengths and used mustache duct tape on the ends to keep it from fraying. Back then we didn’t have a headboard that we could connect things to, so He used to loop it under the bed. It was complicated, time consuming, and frankly irritating. So when we moved and bought new furniture, we picked a headboard that we could loop the rope through. It made things easier, until Daddy purchased cuffs. The deeper we got into bondage play, the more we wanted to simplify. We tried one of the store bought under the bed restraint systems, but our mattress is 16 inches thick, and it just didn’t work properly. So Daddy decided He needed to get His tool belt out and make some modifications!

For some back info- our bed is a king size called Hemnes from Ikea. We are Ikea freaks, if you haven’t noticed! It is made out of pine, and honestly isn’t very sturdy. We have broken the frame a few times lol. Our bed has a 16 inch memory foam mattress. It is massive and heavy. There is a foot board at the bottom that we are not able to loop through.

Moving on… We purchased 8 mountable D rings from the hardware store, and 3/4 inch screws with a flat top so they wouldn’t rub anything. Daddy screwed them to the bed- 2 went in the center of the headboard, then 4 went on each corner of the bed, we had 2 left over.

Daddy is now able to attach me in all sorts of ways to our bed! He uses carabiners, hog ties, straps, velcro, rope, etc! The sky is the limit. No more half hour setups, just a quick click and we are ready to go! We have included some photos below (please excuses Lala for sitting on my face!)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and that maybe it has inspired you to go DIY your bed restraint system! Remember- Safety First! Have fun!

13 Comments on “DIY Bed Restraint System

      • Amen! The Bear likes using chains so the rings also save the bed posts!! LoL Mind you they are so loud they have been out of the circuit for a while โ€ฆ drat! lol

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      • Need to get the kids out of the house, I’m waiting, as patiently as I can! *wink* Rope works for now, it’s a nice compromise. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Haha or pull a Lars and use straps from the garage. ๐Ÿ˜‚ we get creative round these parts.

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      • LoL we use the garage when we can too. Neighbours and ‘Great White North’ winters make it hard at times. UGH !! LOL
        Long story but mental health issues have stopped many ‘liberties’ we had in the past. Patience.

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  1. Fantastic idea (youโ€™ll laugh that my phone autocorrected idea to Ikea!) and really effective. Weโ€™re IKEA lovers too, although our IKEA bed has a metal frame boo, so looping and underbed restraints it is…until we need a new bed….๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for sharing x

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