Stripping it down

Underneath all of this

all the gear

all the mindfucks

and kneeling

the spanking and the discipline

and the power exchange

underneath all that is

my Husband.

And sometimes

on some days

i look at You and just

want You.

Want the sanctity of our vows

and the comfort of your easy going smiles

the safeness of laying beside you at night and rubbing my toes against your prickly legs

the sweetness of the way you look at me without the glimmery sadistic tint, the look full of love and adoration

the sitting together as a family at the dinner table, enjoying a meal…

Want the stripped down depth of connection we share, pulsing inside our chests, entwined and indistinguishable.



2 Comments on “Stripping it down

  1. You are all my heart and soul desire. You make me whole and complete. You bring me joy in my worst of days. Thank you for being my submissive but thanks for being my wife and soulmate first and foremost.

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