We have gotten several shout outs on SOSS posts, and wanted to pay it forward!

The first blog we want to give a shout out to is Princesse Crowned. If you like poetic, articulately written posts, you will love her. She links music to the end of each post which i really enjoy, and she just has a way with words that never ceases to impress me. She’s thoughtful and honest, too.

Another page i really love is Twink. This page has nothing to do with BDSM, but is about her recovery from trauma stemming from narcissistic abuse and neglect from her mother. This blog makes me feel like i am not alone in some of my life experiences. i have shared briefly about my relationship with my family, but Twink really gets into the nitty gritty, and i have a lot of admiration for the work she does.

The last page i will share this time is Krystal Minx. This gorgeous woman is forever posting her adventures doing handy woman projects, and actually inspired me to be a bit braver with projects like that. Believe it or not i patched several dents in the drywall and painted it! i would not have felt confident doing that if not for her. She is sexy and feminine but doesnt shy away from tough stuff!

Okay thats all i have today! Keep posting you lovelies!

3 Comments on “SOSS

  1. Ohhh my goodness!!! Thank you for such delightful and kind words about me and my half-aware scribbling. I am honored beyond giggles. How gracious you are, W. (And graced with fabulous TV commercial worthy hair!!)

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