Love, life, & the pursuit of Lars

lately life has been too busy

stress has overtaken so many aspects of our relationship

and some days i have to make a conscious effort

to choose joy, and not overlook it.

and even though my bottom isn’t sore

even though we are existing in a cycle of

wake, kids, house, work, sleep, repeat

the shimmering promise is there


and i watch You sit at Your desk

hand on Your head on yet another call

and i watch You cradle our baby

grinning down at her while she coos adoringly at You

and i watch You with our eldest

gut busting laughing

and i just want You to know

the gratitude that i have

because You are a blessing and a gift

You are a marvel and a wonder and a prize

You are my King

and even when we have to settle down and put aside the kink

i love You endlessly.

5 Comments on “Love, life, & the pursuit of Lars

  1. I think it is really about feeling like this during these times. The kink can be the icing on the cake but you want the cake to be good on it’s own too. I hope things settle down for you soon 😊

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  2. This is a moving piece winnie as so much of life with little ones, particularly babies, is rinse and repeat. It doesn’t feel too long ago we were here and often still are despite some tears passing since the baby stage. Noticing the joy and love within that is precious, and will continue to feed your connection when β€˜soon’ comes xx

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