i am big… in a giant world

That is what i have been announcing to Daddy lately. It makes me laugh. Because that still makes me little. But it sort of normalizes things for me. Daddy says i am the tiniest of all, and pinches my bottom, when i try to tell Him i am big. Its funny how i always seem to be trying to prove my bigness. Daddy says if i was big, i wouldnt have to prove it. He is right. He always is.

It isnt that i think being little is weird. It just helps me to be a little more self motivated when i feel bigger. It helps me feel like i can be more independent. Which is needed in some areas of my life, if i am honest.

We are in the process of moving, which in and of itself is complicated. But it also means an expensive and frustrating court battle with my ex, to obtain permission to move out of state. We are so excited to move, and yet the process is taking forever. We are probably still 3 months out from moving. i have been busy purging, packing, and organizing.

Its part of why our blog has been so quiet lately- there is always a project to tackle, or a kid needing something, and by the time the day is over, i collapse into bed.

Daddy has been a hero through it all. Last night He told me to take a break, He said “I’ve got this, go take care of you.”. He is wonderful, making sure life is still balanced, even if it is different.

Next week we go on vacation, just the two of us, no kids invited! We haven’t gotten alone time like this since our honeymoon. It will be such a good time, and a nice break from the blah routine we are stuck in right now.

Anyway, that’s really all i have to share today. That i am big… in a giant world.

11 Comments on “i am big… in a giant world

  1. Iā€™m so excited you get to go away together!! I hope it is refreshing and keeps you going through all the big stuff. āœØšŸ¦ŠāœØ

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