Lovely little ribbon collars


i have written about my collection of collars several times, but have never really gotten into the details of my collars, what they mean to me, and where i got them!

Tonight i want to introduce you to my friend Brittany. Brittany is an artist over at Curio Collars. Lars bought me a collar from her shop about a year ago now, and i am absolutely so in love with it. When He decided to collar me, He wanted to get collars that helped engage me in certain headspaces, and He discovered Brittany’s shop online.

First of all, i just want to say that what she makes is all adorable. She is able to turn ribbon and fabric, jewels and other embellishments, into the cutest stuff. Like, honestly, looking at her shop makes me feel itty bitty. Her prices are sooo reasonable too! (She is actually running a sale until tomorrow on her shop if you are looking to get something new and adorable!)

My collar is pink satin ribbon with little white pearls, and it has a sweet little bell on the D ring. i didn’t used to like the idea of having a bell, but something about the tinkling sound it makes really makes me smile. It ties in the back with a pretty bow.

One of the things that really stood out to me about Brittany is that she writes hand made thank you notes… that are so sweet! She wrote mine “to a precious kitten” and i loved the note so much that i actually saved it in the original box! There is just something about a personal touch, plus she called me precious lol. She is really a sweetheart, and getting to know her has been fun.

i did a little Q&A with her, just for funsies. Here are some of the responses:

Do you have any experience wearing collars, or with BDSM?

I always routinely test my own collars to make sure they live up the the standards and quality that I advertise. I don’t wear the collars anymore because I’ve found my place in the BDSM lifestyle as a Mommy ^.^

Can you describe your lifestyle?

I have 2 AB’s that I happily take care of and love. I do hope to collar one of them in the near future.

How did you decide that you wanted to make collars, and how long have you been in business?

As far as deciding on making collars, it was honestly a huge shock while I working in my previous shop making miniature food jewelry! A person had messaged me and asked if I could make a ribbon collar for their sub with a food charm attached to it. I had *absolutely* no experience in making collars! I decided to take on the challenge and made my first collar. Ever since that collar, I practiced and practiced to create my own design and construction all from scratch without knowledge or help. I’m very proud that it’s almost been 3 years since opening ^.^

Do you sell collars full time, or is there something else that you do?

This business has always been my way of making a living! I injured myself a couple years back and wasn’t able to go out and have an actual job because it was painful being bound to walking with a cane and chair bound. The support that I’ve received from the community has been overwhelming and magical. If I could personally hug every single soul, I would!

What is the best part about selling collars? Do you have any other notes or thoughts?

The best thing about selling collars is for sure when customers get back to me about how much they or their sub loved their collar(s). They send me pictures and it really hits home to me knowing how happy I’ve made someones’ day! I get orders for anniversaries, birthdays, ceremonies, photo shoots, and just to show love. There’s nothing more wonderful than the gift of happiness. We all go through so much sometimes, and a collar means a beautiful relationship and trusting was made that I got to be apart of.

Thanks to Brittany for taking the time to chat with me! Go check her shop out, you won’t be disappointed!


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