coming out as a sex blogger

On our vacation i may or may not have let it slip to my best friend that we have a sex blog. i didn’t intend to share that information, but as we sat in our tent late one night having drank too much wine, it just kind of tumbled out.

For some back story, we had two friends meet us for our trip. They were telling us about their friend who had a diaper fetish, and their tone struck me as judgy, so i was like… “you know… Lars and i have a sex blog…”

my best friend was in shock- i mean, her jaw literally dropped. In my every day life, people see me as a Christian mom, as a shy introvert, as a girl who can be a little too polite. i have never opened up to anyone outside of fellow kinksters about our lifestyle.

i was too chicken to tell her the name of our website, and she didn’t ask about content, but i could tell she was curious. In hindsight, i don’t know why i was so nervous, other than the fact that admitting we have a blog is a pretty big step for me. Lars was absolutely shocked that i shared!

But now that the cat is somewhat out of the bag, i kind of don’t care anymore who knows. i don’t think i would want my parents to see the photos of me, but i think my content is meaningful to my life, and i am really proud of the work Lars and i have done to build a healthy, happy, sustainable marriage.

My friend and i parted ways without really discussing it again after that night, but i think it opened her eyes about me. i’m not just a boring hoity toity housewife after all. And it felt really good to admit it.


3 Comments on “coming out as a sex blogger

  1. I think it shows that you are getting more and more comfortable in your own skin. I think that’s wonderful news! 😉
    You still want to make sure you don’t share more than what you really want, regret is not fun, but some hints here and there … well, go for it! LoL

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