Way back when we were writing a post about pervertables, Daddy and i took a shopping trip. We jokingly decided we would see just how many things we could pervert, and i flippantly tossed a packet of clothespins into the basket.

Fast forward to now, and Daddy decided it was time to use them.

Sometimes when you buy clamps, they have these little rubber caps on the edges to keep them from cutting in. i kind of wished that the clothespins had those, because the dry wood was a bit unpleasant. When Daddy would attach one, it rubbed a bit, and then when He released it, it would stick. The wood isn’t finished at all, so it is rougher, especially in the curvy parts.

At one point i think He had six clothespins on my kitty, and He teased my nipples with them. If i am honest, the pin on my clit hurt much less than the ones on my labia. The nipples were tickly at first, but built into a throbbing pain. The ones on my kitty felt much sharper.

i don’t hate the clothespins, but i think clamps would be better. i think clamps hurt more and pinch more, but i think the rubbing from the wood left lingering pain that a metal clamp wouldn’t. Silly me, secretly hoping Daddy would forget about my cheeky clothespin investment (i had used some for crafts hoping He wouldn’t notice). i will have to be more careful with my pervertable ideas in the future 😀

7 Comments on “clothespins

  1. Ever try the plastic clothes pins? OUCH! LoL Some are quite sharp, they really make a point! You could try rubbing some coconut oil on the wood, it should be safe to use (assuming you are no allergic to coconut) and once it’s seasoned it shouldn’t stick or rub and basically dry you out. I think that’s why they are uncomfortable, the are absorbing any moisture from your skin. 🙂 Think chapped, dry skin …

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  2. You could also try Plasti Dip or any rubberized dip for coating metal tool handles, or Lindseed/flaxseed oil which is very good for wood and a bit of sanding if needed.

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