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Hello. My name is MasterAttalus, and I am in possession of the most amazing little this world has ever known. From the start of our relationship we had the kink and power struggle without the label of BDSM. I have always been highly protective of her, and try to spoil her every chance I get. A few years into our relationship, babygirl and I started researching online, trying to find out if there were other people like us. We discovered DDlg and it was really a perfect fit… But it came with a new set of struggles. I had a hard time finding Dom friends, role models, and mentors that I could relate with, who wanted to be honest about their experiences. Most people don’t like talking about the challenges. My girl was acting out, and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. After a lot of research, trying and failing at many things, and learning more about each other than we ever thought possible (like me being a sadist and her being a masochist), we finally found a dynamic that worked for us. It took a lot of time, asking a lot of questions to the friends we had made along the way, implementing a variety of aspects from different dynamics, and even now we are still learning and growing. This has been the most epic of adventures, but it fills my life and my heart with unexplainable joy and peace. I sincerely hope that our blog gives you some fun ideas, some reflective guidance, and maybe even some laughter. Thanks for taking some time to read a little about me. Take care.

About littlewinnie

Hello! my name is littlewinnie. It is so lovely to meet you! i am so pleased you discovered our blog! Below is a brief introduction, with some details about our dynamic. i love making new friends, so please feel free to send me a note if you have any questions or comments!

We originally met online, in a pretty seedy chat room that is not related to BDSM or kink in any way. We started talking, and originally we didn’t much care for each other. But Daddy was persistent, and eventually, we connected on a very deep level, and the rest is history!

When i met Daddy i had been diagnosed with PTSD for about 2 years. i struggled to take care of myself, i was working 3 jobs as a single mom, and was in a hard place emotionally. i really wasn’t looking for love, but He was patient and kind. Our beginning wasn’t traditional- He lived several states away, so we couldn’t date in a regular way. When He did come visit me, we spent a lot of time with my child, running errands, and hiking. We didn’t really get to do the whole formal dating process. It worked out, thankfully. It takes a really special person to get involved with a single mom, and for them to love your child as their own, but He stepped in and stepped up, and changed our lives.

So as i was saying, i had PTSD. i couldn’t even take a shower with the shower curtain closed, because i was so afraid of not seeing what was happening in my surroundings. my previous relationship was highly abusive, and i was recovering from that trauma. It was during that time that Daddy really stepped in, creating structure and self care rules for me, helping me settle down, and focus on myself. Back then, we really didn’t know what D/s or DDlg was, we just naturally created a dynamic that worked for us. i remember one time, when i was leaving to drive somewhere, He told me i better drive safe or He would spank my ass. i will never forget the shivers that statement gave me. Even then, the signs were there.

During the course of our relationship, we spent a lot of time reading together, usually by phone or skype because of the distance. Long distance really forced us to talk a lot, getting to know each other better than i think we would have if we had a traditional dating experience. We asked a lot of questions, researched, and talked often. We began to realize that in our relationship, He really had a strong desire to lead, and i to follow. i was strong in so many different parts of my life, and His leadership was like a soothing, guiding light for me. We realized that our sex life was not traditionally vanilla, and started reading about BDSM. One day, i was reading about dynamics in BDSM and came across DDlg. A light bulb lit up in my head- it was like reading a description of my personality. But i felt so incredibly shy about telling Daddy about it. i remember Him coming home from work, and lighting a fire in the fire pit out back. i perched on his lap by the fire, anxious, and He pressed me to tell Him what had me so squirmy. i stuttered along, telling him about DDlg, and somehow ended up on my back in the living room, being forced to call Him Daddy. It was a revelation- and it was hot as hell. We were strictly DDlg for about 3 years, but it was inconsistent and challenging. i would lash out and brat, trying to get a rise out of him, work and family disrupted the dynamic, it just wasn’t quite right. We made friends with some really amazing people online while learning about DDlg and realized we should explore other dynamics, trying to create a hybrid that worked for us. We implemented D/s, and it has helped a lot. We discovered parts of ourselves that weren’t being fed, like our inner Sadist/masochist. And here we are! Married, with a family, and a dynamic that pleases us both.

i have learned so much since meeting Daddy, but the most important thing i have learned is that there is no such thing as an expert, and no one right way. You can make your marriage, your relationship, your life whatever you want. It starts with communication, connecting, and learning, but it transforms your existence into something so wonderfully exciting and fulfilling. Thank You Daddy for being in my life, for Your love, patience, generosity, and kindness. i love You.

Disclaimer: We in no way accept or agree with pedophilia. DDlg is not pedophilia, it is not incestuous, or related to either of those things. We do not condone either act. Furthermore, the opinions shared on our blog are not representative of the entire BDSM community.

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