Hello. My name is Lars, and I am in possession of the most amazing little this world has ever known. From the start of our relationship we had the kink and power struggle without the label of BDSM. I have always been highly protective of her, and try to spoil her every chance I get. A few years into our relationship, babygirl and I started researching online, trying to find out if there were other people like us. We discovered DDlg and it was really a perfect fit... But it came with a new set of struggles. I had a hard time finding Dom friends, role models, and mentors that I could relate with, who wanted to be honest about their experiences. Most people don't like talking about the challenges. My girl was acting out, and I wasn't sure how to handle it. After a lot of research, trying and failing at many things, and learning more about each other than we ever thought possible (like me being a sadist and her being a masochist), we finally found a dynamic that worked for us. It took a lot of time, asking a lot of questions to the friends we had made along the way, implementing a variety of aspects from different dynamics, and even now we are still learning and growing. This has been the most epic of adventures, but it fills my life and my heart with unexplainable joy and peace. I sincerely hope that our blog gives you some fun ideas, some reflective guidance, and maybe even some laughter. Thanks for taking some time to read a little about me. Take care.

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