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It wouldn’t be a party without cake.

littles can sin too, you know!

Daddy has encouraged me to try something new. Something that pushes me well outside my comfort zones. So here i am, my first Sinful Sunday post… Pregnancy has changed my body. My hips are fuller, my thighs bigger, my belly striped, my breasts enlarged….


Glittle= a sparkly little i can’t claim to be the biggest fan of glitter, but i have developed an affinity for glitter glue. i recently bought a new coloring book for myself- it was a llama coloring book, how could i resist? The book…

Getting Up

In my everyday life, outside of online communities and BDSM, i am a high performing professional. i have taken a break from work to raise my children, but that doesn’t change the fact that i have the brain of an accountant. Over the last…