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D/s wife, happy life.

starting the week off right, fresh bread, boobies, and a lovely morning romp.  

she thought wrong

and she said she was big. Look at this little girl, Daddy’s little toy. To find out who else is sinning this weekend, click the lips!


It wouldn’t be a party without cake.

My little Tart

winnie’s favorite dessert is a custard fruit tart. When I came upstairs to discover that she had turned herself into one, I couldn’t resist digging in. Isn’t she just scrumptious? To see who else is sinning this Sunday, click the lips!

The broken switch

Getting out and enjoying nature has been something that has always connected winnie and I. It has been a hobby of ours individually since before we met, and a big part of how we connect now. In the states we are fortunate to have…

Stu on you

Am i using Sinful Sunday to introduce all of my stuffies? …..mayyyyyybe. But they’re too cute not to show off. This little guy is Stu, the hedgehog Daddy got me for Valentine’s Day. His heart says Stuck on You, but Daddy likes to cover…

littles can sin too, you know!

Daddy has encouraged me to try something new. Something that pushes me well outside my comfort zones. So here i am, my first Sinful Sunday post… Pregnancy has changed my body. My hips are fuller, my thighs bigger, my belly striped, my breasts enlarged….